Elizabeth Gillies joins the new film "Spread"

Elizabeth Gillies joins the new film "Spread"

Since the end of her television series Dynasty, Elizabeth Gillies has been cast in her first part.

According to Deadline, the 29-year-old actress will play the lead role in the upcoming film Spread, which is currently in production.

The story of the movie centers on "an ambitious aspiring journalist (Gillies) who accepts a temporary position at an adult magazine run by an aging industry king (Keitel)

and must reconcile her idealistic nature as she works to make the business successful."

The movie is being directed by Ellie Kanner, and it was written and co-produced by Buffy Charlet,

who drew inspiration from her own real-life journey from temp to editor at Hustler magazine.

Dynasty, the CW series starring Elizabeth, finished filming over the summer, and the season finale only recently aired.