Brad Pitt launches genderless skincare line

Brad Pitt launches genderless skincare line

Brad Pitt used the oils from his and his ex-wife Angelina Jolie's vineyard to create a gender-neutral skincare line.

Le Domaine was founded fifteen years after Brad and Angelina bought the enormous vineyard Château Miraval in the South of France.

He wasn't interested in being the "face" of his own brand, but he was quite involved in its creation.

To determine which grape varietals had the most important antioxidant characteristics, Le Domaine even hired "one of the world's finest wine and human health specialists."

Brad's new line is built on the foundation of the grapes and the olive oil produced on the farm.

The Bullet Train actor recalled reading about the health benefits of grape peels as a topic we wanted to look into when speaking about how the brand was created for British Vogue.

But from the very beginning, the fundamental concept returns to this location [Miraval]. It's so fertile and simply dripping with ideas. Here, we produce honey, truffles, and olive oil.

Although a sustainable skincare business may have emerged from the vineyard, Brad and Angelina are still embroiled in a legal dispute over the property behind the scenes.

At the venue, Angelina and Brad were wed, but everything went south after their breakup.